May 30, 2014

Summer Wrap/ Scarf

Lace_wrapcropThis summer fashion wrap can also be worn as a traditional scarf.  We use fun lightweight yarns and unique stitch variations.  Each design is simply a different yarn and stitch weave pattern.  You can make several of them to wear over sundresses, and t-shirts and shorts.

 Loom:  10” Knitting Board, with 22 stitches for double knit.  Set spacers at mid width or ¾” between boards.

 Yarn:  Any #2 or 3 yarn of acrylic or cotton/acrylic blend.  Our sample is knit with Bernat Baby Coordinates of acrylic/rayon/nylon, machine wash and dry.  (1) skein, 388 yds.  Color is Soft Grey.

 Notions Needed:  Loom, yarn, knit hook, crochet hook #4-4.5.

 Finished Size:  9” X 60” approximately

 Gauge:  Not noted

 Stitch Pattern:

 1-Open the pins-starting at first pin on top board, lift loop 1 onto pin 2.  Lift loop 3 onto pin 4.  Lift loop 5 onto pin 6 and continue across all 22 pins so that every other pin is empty. 

 2-Turn the board around, and open the pins for these 22 pins.  Be sure to start at this first pin also.  Both sides of loom have every other pin empty and off-set from the 2 sides.




3-Work across all pins in stockinette weave, so that all pins are wrapped again. 


4-Hook over only the pins with the 3 loops lifting 2 loops over and leaving just one loop on the pins.  Do nothing to the pins with just one loop.




 Cast On all 22 stitches in basic stockinette stitch.  Lay anchor yarn of contrasting color yarn.

summershawl2Remember when hooking over the loops to work from L to R to approximate center.  Then work from R to L back to center.  Do same thing to other side of board.  This will keep the side edges even.

 Work the Stitch Pattern, steps 1-4 until the scarf/wrap is as long as desired, or until you have used the entire ball of yarn.  Using the entire ball will result in length of 60-64” long piece.  Cut yarn with 3-4” tail.

 Bind Off of knitting board: Use crochet hook for bind off starting at end opposite the yarn tail.  Pick up loops 1 & 2 from top board and pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  With just one loop on crochet hook, pick up the first loop from front board.  Pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  Pick up next loop from front board and pull one thru the other.  Continue working the 2 loops from back board, and 2 loops from front board until just one loop remains on crochet hook.  Pull the yarn tail thru the last loop to form a knot.  With crochet hook, pull the yarn tail into the solid edge of the knit.


Bind Off at anchor yarn: Start at end opposite the yarn tail.  With crochet hook, pick up first 2 loops.  Pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  Pick up next loop and repeat across the stitches on the anchor yarn.  When only one loop remains on hook, pull yarn tail thru loop to form knot.  Tuck yarn tail into knit with hook.

Finishing:  Gently stretch the knit from long sides to open the knit.  Work down the piece, gently stretching the stitches open.  Your great summer accessory is ready to wear.  You may also want to add a decorative stick pin to secure the wrap, so it stays closed while sitting in your favorite restaurant.

 Fun variations:

This fishnet pattern makes a nice open, scrunchy scarf or wrap to wear any time of year.



Yarn:  Loops and Threads Elegance, 100% acrylic, easy wash and air dry in 30 minutes.  (1) skein needed of 160 yds.  Color used is Poppy.

Stitch Pattern:

1-Open the pins-starting at first pin on top board, lift loop 1 onto pin no. two.Lift loop 3 onto pin 4.  Lift loop 5 onto pin 6 and continue across all 22 pins so that every other pin is empty. 


2-Do not turn the board around to work on front board.  Lift the 2nd loop and place onto 3rd pin.  Lift 4th loop and place onto 5th pin.  Continue across the 22 pins so that every other pin is empty.


summershawl53-Work across all pins in stockinette weave, so that all pins are wrapped again. 

 4-Hook over the pins with the 3 loops lifting 2 loops over and leaving just one loop on the pins.  If your pin has 2 loops, lift bottom over top.  Do nothing to the pins with just one loop.


Repeat steps 1-4 till wrap is as long as desired.

White with Silver Threads wrap is perfect with summer sun dresses as a shoulder wrap. 



It also makes a great accessory worn with your red holiday sweaters later in the year.  You will get so much wear from this piece.  It knits up really quickly and is easy care.


Yarn:Patons Glam Stripes, 85% acrylic and 15% polyester, machine wash and air dry. (1) skein of 261 yds will do the piece nicely.  Color used is White Silver.  The metallic threads will give a slight stripe effect.  Very pretty. Finished size is approximately 8” X 68”.  No gauge noted.

Stitch Pattern:

1-This piece is worked entirely with the Open Braid stitch.  After cast on of the 22 stitches, lay anchor yarn.  Weave from top first pin to bottom 4th pin.  Continue across the loom weaving every other pin till you get to end.  Carry yarn straight across to back and weave back, wrapping all the pins that were skipped.

2-Hook over all pins on both sides of loom, bottom loop over top loop. Continue steps 1 and 2 until you have used the entire skein of yarn.  Bind off.

Summer wraps and scarves also make a great accent when worn around your hips over long cotton skirts.  Just have lots of fun with them.



  • I am trying to buy the 5 peg sliders but can’t find them in a store and I didn’t want to pay $12 to ship a $5 item. Please let me know if anyone can assist me with this. Thanks

  • Hi, I think you live in Australia, correct? The shipping is crazy when items are going to countries outside of US. The only thing you can do is locate others in your area that may want something also and combine your orders for shipping. The item you seek is currently not sold to stores. Another thing you can do is ask your favorite knit or craft store to consider being a distributor and carry a few products. We could send your item with theirs. You can also send your address to us at and ask for a first class rate on mailing and we can do a search for you and see if a better rate exists.

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May 23, 2014

Father’s Day Slippers


Fathers-Day-slippers1Gift Dad the perfect, comfy, warm, no frills pair of slippers. Worked with bulky weight yarn, using two pegs as one on the knitting loom, will have you cranking out a pair in one afternoon.
PS: Sometimes, finding a willing male to photograph their feet is the most difficult part of the task. 

Pattern Information

Knitting loom: All-n-One Knitting loom, 80 pegs (use 2 pegs as one).

Yarn:  Approx 106 yds of Super Bulky weight yarn. Sample used Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Charcoal.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Size: S (M, L). Approx American men shoe size—S-8-9.5; M-9.5-11; L-11-12.5. Shown in a size S.

Gauge: 4 sts x 8 rows= 2 inches in stockinette


K=knit stitch

P=purl stitch



BO=Bind off



Sl=slip. Skip peg with yarn behind the peg

K2tog=knit two stitches together. Move stitch from the peg on the left to the peg on the right. Work/knit both loops as one loop.


Leave a 20 inch yarn tail at the beginning of the slip knot. Using 80 (88, 96) pegs total, use 2 pegs as one peg, cast on 40 (44, 48) sts, join to work in the rnd.

Rnd 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11: k to the end of rnd.

Rnd 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12: p to the end of rnd.

Small Size—Go to *

Medium and Large Size

Rnd 13: k to the end of rnd.

Rnd 14: p to the end of rnd.

Medium Size—Go to *

Large Size only

Rnd 15: k to the end of rnd.

Rnd 16: p to the end of rnd.

Large size—go to *

*Next 4 rnds: k to the end of rnd.

BO 15 (16, 17) sts, k to the end rnd.

BO 15 (16, 17) sts, k to the end of rnd. (10 (12, 14)sts rem)

From this point on, cont working as a flat panel over the rem 10 (12, 14) sts.

Next row: sl1, k2tog, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

Next 6 (7, 8) rows: k to the end of the row.

BO leaving a 10 inch yarn tail. Use yarn tail to seam down this side of the instep flap. Thread tapestry needle with yarn and seam down the other side of the instep flap. Thread tapestry needle with beginning yarn tail, seam the bottom of the sole close. Weave ends in. Block if necessary.

Note: To make them less slippery, use Puffy Fabric Paint to place a few dots under the sole.



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May 16, 2014

Pencil Bookmark

pencil bookmark

Quick and fun thank you gifts for teachers at the end of the school year, this project can be used as a bookmark or decoration.

Pattern Specifications

Knitting Loom: Sock Loom 2Bookmark

25 yards total of Sport/DK or light worsted weight yarn in 5 colors
• Color A (CA) 3 yards – eraser pink – used Caron Simply Soft Victorian Rose
• Color B (CB) 5 yards – metal ring – used Caron Simply Soft Grey Heather
• Color C (CC) 14 yards – yellow pencil – used Caron Simply Soft Sunshine
• Color D (CD) 2 yards – sharpened wood – used Caron Simply Soft Bone
• Color E (CE) 1 yard – lead – used Caron Simply Soft Charcoal Heather

Knitting tool

not critical for this project

12.5” x 3”

K = Knit
P =Purl
Sl =Slip—skip peg with yarn behind the peg
CDD= Central double decrease—working with 3 stitches, move the stitches on either side of the center peg onto the center peg so that there are 3 loops on the center peg. Knit all three loops together as one. Move remaining stitches in so there are not any empty pegs.
CO= Chain Cast on
BO= Bind off
Rep = Repeat


With CA, CO 11 stitches
Row 1: Sl1, K10
Row 2: Sl1, P9, K1
Rows 3: 6 – Rep rows 1 – 2, 2 times
Row 7: Sl1, K10
Row 8: Sl1, P9, End CA, Join CB, with CB, K1
Rows 9 – 22: Rep rows 1 – 2, 7 times
Row 23: Sl1, K10
Row 24: Sl1, P9, End CB, Join CC, with CC, K1
Rows 25 – 78: Rep rows 1 – 2, 27 times
Row 79: Sl1, K10
Row 80: Sl1, P9, End CC, Join CD, with CD, K1
Row 81: Sl1, K3, CDD, K4
Row 82: Sl1, P7, K1
Row 83: Sl1, K8
Row 84: Sl1, P7, K1
Row 85: Sl1, K2, CDD, K3
Row 86: Sl1, P5, K1
Row 87: Sl1, K6
Row 88: Sl1, P5, K1
Row 89: Sl1, K1, CDD, K2
Row 90: Sl1, P3, K1
Row 91: Sl1, K4
Row 92: Sl1, P3, End CD, Join CE, with CE, K1
Row 93: Sl1, CDD, K1
Row 94: Sl1, P1, K1
Row 95: Sl1, K2
Row 96: Sl1, P1, K1
Row 97: CDD

BO by pulling working yarn through last stitch.
Weave ends in.



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May 9, 2014

Anwell Capelet

Anwell Capelet 1

A little capelet to keep the chill away. Worked in short-rows to create a semi-circular shape at the back. 

Knitting Loom: All-n-One Knitting loom, use two pegs as one peg to create a large gauge knitting loom with at least 30 pegs (60 total) for child, 40 (80 total) for adult.

Yarn: 200 (600) grams of Bulky Weight yarn. Rowan Big Wool was used in sample, 2 skeins. (Malabrigo Chunky was used in adult sample).

Notions: knitting tool, 1 inch button, 1 set of snap button.

Gauge: 11 stitches and 18 rows=4 inches in stockinette stitch (Remember to use 2 pegs as one on the All-n-One Knitting loom).
Measurements: 25 (from side to side) x 14 (back of neck to edge) inches.

Fits: 3-5 years old (adult)

k: knit
WT: wrap & turn
sts: stitches
Pattern note: Instructions within () pertain to adult size

DIRECTIONSAnwell Capelet

Cast on 30 (40) stitches with crochet cast on method (remember that you are using 2 pegs as one on the knitting loom, so for the child size, you will be using 60 pegs total; adult 40 pegs).
Create the ribbing edge as follows:
Next row: *k2, p2; rep from * to the last 2sts, k2
Next row: *k2, p2; rep from * to the last 2sts, k2
Repeat last 2 rows: 2 times (4 times).

Wedge instructions

Row 1: k to the end of row
Row 2: Sl1, k26 (k36), WT
Row 3: k27 (k37)
Row 4: Sl1, k23 (k33), WT
Row 5: k24 (k34)
Row 6: Sl1, k20 (k30), WT
Row 7: k21 (k31)
Row 8: Sl1, k17 (k27), WT
Row 9: k18 (k28)
Row 10: Sl1, k14 (k24), WT
Row 11: k15 (k25)
Row 12: Sl1, k11 (k21), WT
Row 13: k12 (k22)
Row 14: Sl1, k8 (k18), WT
Row 15: k9 (k19)
Row 16: Sl1, k5 (k15), WT
Row 17: k6 (k16)
Adult size:
Row 18: Sl1, k12, WT
Row 19: k13
Row 20: Sl1, k9, WT
Row 21: k10

All sizes:
Next row: Sl1, p to the end of row picking up all the wraps along the way
Next row: k to the end of row

One wedge completed.

Child size: work 9 wedges.
Adult size: work 13 wedges.

Last wedge: rep Rows 2-17 (2-21).
Next row: Sl1, k to the end of row picking up all the wraps along the way.
Next row: knit to the end of row.

Create ribbing edge as follows:

Next: *k2, p2; rep from * to last 2 stitches, k2.
Cast on 6 stitches at the beginning of next row. (Adult size: please see Adding Pegs to a Fixed peg loom video)
Next: *p2, k2; rep from * to the end of row.
Next: *k2, p2; rep from * to the end of row.
Rep last 2 rows: 2 times (4 times).

Bind off with basic bind off method.
Seam the collar edge to the body of the capelet and to the other edge of the ribbing edge. Steam block.

Decoration: attach the 1 inch button on the right side of the ribbed collar, at about the 3rd rib from the edge. Secure a snap button on the wrong side of the collar, again, at about the 3rd rib from the edge. ?





  • This is so cute. Can’t wait to make it.

  • Thank you, Isela, for this adorable pattern that my granddaughter will love! If you recommend an AIO loom and are wrapping it in such a way that it mimics a large-gauge loom, is it safe to assume that if I have a large-gauge loom with a sufficient number of pegs that I could use that instead? I don’t have the AIO.

    Thanks again!

  • It looks like it would work on a regular-gauge loom. 2 pegs = 1 peg, so I don’t see why not. Wouldn’t hurt to try :)

  • Yes, it would work on a large gauge loom, not regular, but large gauge.

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May 2, 2014

Zig Zag Dishcloth

Zig Zag dishcloth

Decorating my kitchen with new dishclothes is always a fun activity. It also allows me to try new stitches while creating something useful for my household. The Zig Zag dishcloth uses a zig zag stitch that looks great on a dishcloth but would also look fantastic on a larger size item such as a blanket.


Knitting Loom: All-n-One knitting loom.

Yarn: 60 yards of worsted weight cotton. Sample was knit with Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in Blueberry.

Notions: Knitting tool.

Size: 8 inches x 8.5 inches.

Gauge: not important for this project.

Size: Approx 8 x 8″


k=knit stitch

p=purl stitch

CO= Cast on

BBO=Basic Bind Off

sts= stitches

Rep= repeat

INSTRUCTIONSZig Zag Dishcloth 2

Cast on 38 sts, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1, 3: k to the end of row.

Row 2, 4: p to the end of row.

Row 5: k4, *k3, p3; rep from * to last 4sts, k4.

Row 6: p4, k to last 4 sts, p4.

Row 7: k4, p1, *k3, p3; rep from * to last 9sts, k3, p2, k4.

Row 8: As row 6.

Row 9: k4, p2, *k3, p3; rep from * to last 8sts, k3, p1, k4.

Row 10: As row 6.

Row 11: k4, p3, *k3, p3; rep from * to last 7sts, k3, k4.

Row 12: As row 6.

Row 13: k4, p2, *k3, p3; rep from * to last 8sts, k3, p1, k4.

Row 14: As row 6.

Row 15: k4, p1, *k3, p3; rep from * to last 9sts, k3, p2, k4.

Row 16: As row 6.

Rep Rows 5-16: 3 more times.

Work Row 5.

Next row: p to the end of the row.

Next row: k to the end of row.

Next row: p to the end of row.

Next row: k to the end of row.

Bind off with basic bind off method.

Weave ends in. Block lightly.




  • Anyone know if it is possible to make this larger like for a place mat???

  • Yes, you can definitely make it larger. Cast on a multiple of 6 stitches+ 8 for the garter stitch border. For a place mat, I would cast on 68, work the instructions as written, it should work ok.

  • This pattern is adorable and thank you for sharing!

    I would like to know what knit stitch that you used.

    Thank you!!!

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Apr 26, 2014

Picot Triangle Shawl

Check out this beautiful shawl made on the 28″ Knitting Board. It was designed by Kristen Mangus from Good Knit Kisses. Thank you Kristen!

Picot_Triangle_ShawlTriangle design shawl using wedge technique (inspired by the Hexagon blanket by Charity Windham). This shawl is a generous size for larger sizes up to 76″ wide from end to end! Cast on Edge is 53″ and can be made smaller for smaller sizing needs.


Stitch gauge: 4 sts per inch x 8 rows per inch in garter stitch


Loom: 28″ Knitting Board with peg extenders. 


Yarn: 800 yards medium weight (4) Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable color Petunia.  3 balls used in sample. 9.85 oz/280 grams finished weight. 



EW – EwrapP – PurlHS – Half Stitch  SL – Slip (skip first stitch)  st – Stitch    CO – Cast On   BO – Bind Off


Cast on: Picot CO 165 pegs. (starting on left working to right if right handed, Place removable Stitch Marker on peg 1)


Row 1: SL 1, P to marker (all odd rows will repeat this way.)


Row 2: HS 1 at marked peg & move marker 1 peg to right (do NOT work HS st), EW to peg 165, Cable CO 3, BO 3 to form picot (See notes below on details for Cable CO and BO). I like to have 3 st markers on pegs 166-168 to show where picots need to be added on even numbered rows. For less picots on edging only, add picots every 4th row. As the pattern reads, this edge will be fuller than the cast on picots to give it a ruffled look when draped.


 Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until last HS is at peg 164 & ending on row Row 2. This row will be HS 1, EW 1.


 Begin Picot Bind Off*.


 *This is an alternate to my standard picot bind off just for this pattern.


 **Cable CO 3, BO 4 (** rep between **,** til one st left on loom, EW 1 cut tail and pull through) (VIDEO COMING SOON as of April 2014)


Weave in both tails into project.  If using color changing yarn be sure to weave like colored tails to closest color.

Blocking may be needed due to tension and evenness of such a large project. Do NOT steam block acrylic or it will “kill” it! Block with a light washing and let dry pinned on blocking board if needed. See bottom of pattern on Mitered Square Lovey for wet blocking instructions.

Notes on HS

Unlike an EW (where the working yarn is wrapped from the back between the next peg and around the front of the  desired stitch/peg to the back) the HS wraps to the front between the previous peg to the front of the desired stitch/peg then between the next stitch (peg).


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