Oct 31, 2011

Loom Extender Projects

RUGS, all kinds of rugs, they are so easy and quick to make with the loom extenders. This is a rug made by weaving FABRIC STRIPS using the 28″ Knitting Board and the 10″ loom extenders. 2 X 3.5

Fabric strips make great rugs and home decor. This rug was made with 4 woven sections. You simply start with 4 yards of jersey knit fabric in 2 colors, cut them into 1″ strips with the grain of the material. Then weave the strips across the loom, wrapping 2 pins at a time and with one peg empty in between. Use the same color of fabric  until you are ready for the stripe, then switch colors

If you use the 10″ Knitting Board, 10″ loom extenders you can make a rug by creating squares. This rug was made with 12 squares.


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Jul 21, 2011

Look at the Donations received from Frances…….

Thank you for all those who have participated in our call for donations. We hope everyone will consider sending a hand knit/crochet item for this event.  We will be shipping to our American Veterans as well as Native Americans orphanages. We want to get this shipped out in time for the fall and winter season.

In reply to this request, we have received 3 large boxes of beautiful knit and crocheted items from Frances in Amelia, OH.  So, we want to say, “Thank you Frances!!” and “Wow”, what a great collection of beautiful hand knits.  The children and needy in North Dakota will be so happy this holiday season, and warm! There are so many beautiful pieces and such intricate stitches. These are just a few of the items we received from  Frances.


There is still time to send in items, our ship date is in October as it starts to get cold.   Send your donations to Authentic Knitting Board Co, 60 Carysbrook Rd, Fork Union, VA 23055.







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Jun 1, 2011

Loom extender projects

Here are a few ideas using the loom extender.  The wall hanging was created by our Knitting Board group moderator Sue Kreitzer, this was her fist loom extender project. Margaret Conroy did the beautiful striped pieces. Both of you, nice work.

Peg's weaving project by Peg Cnry

Sue's Sign

Peg's second creation

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Mar 29, 2011


Gather around, everyone, and meet SueK, our moderator. She has been doing a great job answering questions, providing instruction, sharing her secrets and techniques, and welcoming all new knitters. We would like to say,

” Thank you, Sue, for all your hard work and support, and for sharing some of your designs and projects with us”.

Get to know Sue….

I am a retired Administrator assistant; 67 (pushing 68!).   Married for 23 years, 1 son and 5 stepchildren.  We have 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.  Have lived in Denton TX for 25 years.  I enjoy all crafts, hand knitting, crocheting, needlepoint.  My two favorites are Knitting Board and Cross Stitch.  I started using the Knitting Board about 6 years ago when my husband saw one at the Senior Center, came home and made me one.  Only stitch I knew was figure 8. Went on vacation, and made a baby blanket (all figure 8).  When we got home, I saw the AKB DVD in Mary Maxim catalogue, ordered it, and learned all the stitches and haven’t stopped since then. First items I made when  I received  my first book were sweaters for my two younger sisters.  I enjoy spreading the word about the knitting board to anyone who will listen.  I enjoy traveling and teaching people what I can on the board.

Sue has also participated with some of our classes held at the Hobby Lobby Store in her area.  This is when we met Sue, face to face, for the first time.  She is a very special lady.

Join us and Sue at Yahoo group.. Knitting Board

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Jan 5, 2011

Holiday contest Winners!

The Holiday contest was a lot of fun, and it was great seeing all the pattern designs that were created. With much deliberation, we have chosen 4 winners…….. Drum roll please!!!!!!! Here goes….

In the Best Original Design category, the winner is Cabled Afghan created on the 38″ Knitting Board. Beautiful work and great color selection by Jacque Darragh
In the Cutest Baby item category, the winner is the Baby Cocoon by Faith Schmidt. This is a great stitch with lots of texture. The pattern shows the process in detail…so cute and cuddly.

In the Mens Accessory category, the winner is Men’s Warmer again by Faith Schmidt. Faith has sure been busy.

In the multicolor design category, the winner is  Nikki’s Plaid Scarf by Denise Rumph. Denise created a great plaid design that turned out really well with Lion Brand’s new Hometown yarn

There were not enough entries for the Sweater Design and the Pet Accessory category to have winners.  Maybe in our next contest – We can all plan ahead and start creating our favorite designs early.
We would like to thank everyone for all their effort and the amazing pattern entries.
All winn
ers will receive a discount code for the 40% savings on your next website purchase and their cash award by check in the mail within 7 days.  Be sure we have your correct address.


  • Is there somewhere that we can all see the entries for the contest? Or are they posted somewhere but I am just not seeing it?

  • Congratulations to the winners! And thanks Pat & Kim for having such a contest. :-)

  • Does anyone know if there is a beginner Knittingboard class/group in NH or MA?

  • There are some typos in a couple of these links and so they do not work.

  • I will go fix those right away. Thank you,

  • I am clicking on the cabled afghan link in the above article and the link is broken…. I am sad…. Where can I find the instructions for this blanket??

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Nov 12, 2010

New Pattern Contest – Deadline Dec. 1.

We are having a Holiday Pattern Contest Extravaganza! This is not only a contest for pattern writers but anyone who has a creative spirit. Create a gift and at the same time you can enter the event and win for some fun prizes. Deadline Dec. 1st.

We are doing something different this year. We are expanding our categories.  6 entries will be chosen leading the 6 categories of competition.

The 6 categories are:

  1. Best Original Design
  2. Cutest Baby Item
  3. Multicolor Design using at least 3 colors
  4. Men’s accessory
  5. Sweater
  6. Pet attire.

The winner will receive $50 plus $40 in merchandise. Even if you are just a beginner we  hope you will get involved and submit your original ideas – the more entries the more fun!

Deadine is Dec 1st. so get started and let your creativity run wild.


  • So entries on the 1st are ok? I’m going to be down to the deadline on this one. I’ve started three different things for this that weren’t working out. Do we email them to you? What address?


  • oops, somehow didn’t read the pdf! I see the address, just confirm on the 1st deadline if you can :)

  • Dear Pat and Kim,
    I am a dear fan of the KnittingBoard and had a beautiful double knit scarf going for my husband, but was having too much trouble seeing the dark yarn on the dark finish of the knitting board… oh, well. Anyway, I have noticed that as I am getting older, my eyesight is not what it used to be and I purchased an Ott Light to help me in my work. It does help. I know not everyone can afford these lights. Thus, I am sending an idea about possibly changing the wood color to a neutral or even a lighter color. This is just an idea to ponder. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Many blessings to you both!
    Mrs. Jolene Torgler

  • I didn’t get to make anything for the contest this year but I hope to next year! Just got my boards this year. Thanks for even having such a thing. Look for me next tiime! :-)

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