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Oct 24, 2013

Holiday Donation 2013

Donation Request for Vets and Special Groups

Hi Knitters,

Once again we would like to do something special for our recovering veterans, and 2 other special groups.  We want to ship out in early December so we have about 6 weeks to gather some warm knitted items.

We donate to:

1. American Veterans recovering in hospitals and homes.  We will be working with American Veterans, Washington, DC.  From here, your donations will be distributed to other veteran hospitals in cold climates across the USA.

2. Women to Women International helping moms with small children.  We also donate looms and yarn to these women in hopes that they can learn to work on the looms and acquire an income stream with their knitting.  View this organization at for more information.

3. Native American children’s home and school in South Dakota.  There are so many of these type of facilities to work with and we may add another this year.  Right now our focus is St Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain, SD.  Visit them at

If everyone would knit up just one warm hat, scarf, or mittens, or socks, it would be great and so much appreciated by the recipients.  If you would like to participate, you can send your item along with your personal note, if desired, to us:

Authentic Knitting Board Co

Attn:  Pat Novak

60 Carysbrook Rd

Fork Union, VA 23055

Thank you to all of you for a great year in knitting, and for being a part of this annual drive to keep everyone warm.  Please send your knitting item by December 10, 2013.

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  • IF there is someone who can pickup yarn in Columbus GA for making items for donation to any of the listed charities (and will furnish a receipt of donation) I have at least 5 huge bins of yarn to donate but can NOT afford the shipping.



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Mar 26, 2012

Welcome Isela Phelps!

Great News! We would like to introduce and welcome Isela Phelps to Knitting Board Chat.  Isela is a loom knitting pro, been an avid loom knitter for over 10 years, and has written 6 loom knitting books, several have been best sellers long standing. She has written for various publications for both loom knitting and needle knitting and has appeared on national television, in the ever popular Knitty Gritty show with Vickie Howell.

We are so excited that she will be joining us here at Knitting Board Chat, sharing her vast loom knitting knowledge, patterns and ideas. Watch for exciting Knit-Alongs, fun techniques and real life solutions to everyone’s inquiries. You will learn so much from her vast knowledge of techniques, videos, stitches and more. We are really looking forward to seeing it all. We feel confident that you will, also. So stay tuned, and join the fun with Isela.


  • Thank you so much! I am so excited to be part of such a great company. I have fallen in love with the All-n-One knitting loom and the Adjustable Sock Loom. Both are some of my ultimate favorite products and I am so glad that I can share some of my knowledge and patterns with your friends.

    I hope many of you join me and visit us often for knitting tidbits and patterns.

    Again, thank you for having me.

  • I would love a womens cardigan patttern, maybe in lightweight yarn. Any pattern suggestions?

  • YAY!! Isela is the best!! Glad to see you joining up with her. Great looms! A good pro!! And of course the staff at Knittingboard is wonderful!! All the best to you! I will be lurking and watching!! Wendy

  • So glad to see Isela here! Nearly everything I learned about loom knitting was from her wonderful videos. I send people to the video page on her blog all the time. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

  • Isela!! It’s so good to see you back in the full looming and pattern world again. I know you’ve been here and there, but not as active. Glad you and KB hooked up.The BEST of both worlds together!


  • Isela, glad to see you again! You’ve been missed in other parts of the loomy world! Your reference materials are The Best, and your work has inspired me, and many others, I’m sure, to really stretch our abilities in this craft. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much:). I am glad to be here with you all. I am ready to share lots of goodies and tips ;)

  • Thank you Linda! I am so excited to be working with the awesome gals at

  • Thank you Susan :). I am very happy to be here, supporting some wonderful looms.

  • I am so happy that Isela Phelps is going to be on this site for the Authentic Knitting Board. Thank you Isela

  • Looking forward to being inspired!

  • I have to tell you about the knitting loom explosion I’ve created. Totally by accident. My oldest daughter started loom knitting and I thought that my 11 y.o. daughter would like to learn as well. She did, but not only her but her other 2 older sisters, and their friends! I bought looms for my niece and my good friend too. I suggested to my friend that she take the loom to her 90 y.o. lady she works for , maybe it would be fun for her and less labor intensive than knitting needles. She loves it! Her daughter , who is a nun , decided to buy them for all of the nuns as well, and they are knitting hats and prayer shawls! Crazy, right? All that to say, I think their is a a revival of “doing” instead of “watching” and that is exciting. Thanks for all of your tutorials and patterns.
    So helpful!

  • One more thing. Is there a tutorial for understanding and reading knitting instructions? I need one….

  • i am trying to make the baby high top sneakers,but am getting stuck on how to increase 28 stitches to 32-i need help!

  • How very exciting!!! Thank you for visiting our site!

  • Currently, we do not have a tutorial like that, but we can get working on one. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Hello, I would like to double knit a scarf that is 12″ wide. What product would be needed to make it? An All-n-One or a 28″ board? Thank you.

  • Isela I have been looking at your Summer Breeze top free pattern done on a 28 peg AIO loom. Can this be done on the 18″ AIO loom also since it is flat panel knitting?

  • If you are doing the small sizes, you could use the AIO, but the larger sizes require more pegs than what the AIO loom has

  • The All-n-One loom will work for this project.

  • Hi Isela, I have your Loom Knitting Socks book, but the Wonder Sock Loom is no longer available. What loom do you recommend as replacement for your patterns in the book?
    Thanks! Susan

  • Susan,
    Currently, there are no looms that transfer directly to these patterns. However, if you hold on tight, I believe a similar knitting loom will enter the market in the fall. In the meantime, you will have to adapt all the pattern to the different gauge knitting looms. You will need to take into consideration the gauge. The gauge of the socks is really tight, so you will need to probably half all the numbers that the patterns call for. Example, if the sock calls for 80 pegs, you probably will be using 40 pegs with the larger gauges.

  • Hi I am having trouble with the 52 peg sock loom videos on the heel and toe it is very confusing! it only does not complete the heel nor the toe! If you can help Isela to help me in better detail, I love to hear from you. Ive had to start too many time for my liking

  • I am blind and on the iris hat you start out with 70 stitches and add ten more and then you have to take it all off the board and replace it to 80 stitches is there a easier way
    thank You Judy

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Feb 16, 2012

CHA show with Deborah Norville

We just returned from our annual Craft and Hobby trade show in Anaheim, California, and WOW– it was 4 full days packed with a lot of fun as we were able to see all the new crafts coming out this fall.  We met a lot of new visitors at our booth and a special one, Deborah Norville who is now, a new Knitting Board owner. Deborah stopped by our booth to enjoy our 48″ X 60″ Berry Burst afghan. It was knit on our 28″ Knitting Board with the Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky which is a super chunky, soft yarn and makes a great cozy afghan. This yarn is great for Knitting Boards as it works up really quickly.  You may want to try this for your next cozy afghan in any size.

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Jan 13, 2012

Thank you for Donations!!

We want to thank everyone who participated in our annual donation drive. We want to especially thank the following knitters for making this happen: Frances Shelton, Sue Kreitzer, Catherine, Julie Milliron, and Abby.

Thanks to those involved, we sent 2 large boxes of warm hats, scarves, slippers and mittens to our American Veterans. We also sent 2 large boxes to the children and their families of the Dakota Native Americans in need in Chamberlain, SD.  This was many knitted toys to be distributed during the holidays as well as lots of warm clothing.
Our last 2 boxes contained mostly baby and new infant knit along with beautiful blankets that were knit and crocheted.  These were well received by Mary’s Center for abused moms and newborn infants in need in our capitol of Washington, DC.

We have received a beautiful letter from St Joseph’s School in SD thanking all of you for your kindness and hope.

I can just picture the children and the Veterans with their beautiful hand knit/crocheted gifts and the happy smiles on their faces.

Thank you all again!

Have a wonderful 2012!

Kim and Pat



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Jul 21, 2011

Look at the Donations received from Frances…….

Thank you for all those who have participated in our call for donations. We hope everyone will consider sending a hand knit/crochet item for this event.  We will be shipping to our American Veterans as well as Native Americans orphanages. We want to get this shipped out in time for the fall and winter season.

In reply to this request, we have received 3 large boxes of beautiful knit and crocheted items from Frances in Amelia, OH.  So, we want to say, “Thank you Frances!!” and “Wow”, what a great collection of beautiful hand knits.  The children and needy in North Dakota will be so happy this holiday season, and warm! There are so many beautiful pieces and such intricate stitches. These are just a few of the items we received from  Frances.


There is still time to send in items, our ship date is in October as it starts to get cold.   Send your donations to Authentic Knitting Board Co, 60 Carysbrook Rd, Fork Union, VA 23055.







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Jan 5, 2011

Holiday contest Winners!

The Holiday contest was a lot of fun, and it was great seeing all the pattern designs that were created. With much deliberation, we have chosen 4 winners…….. Drum roll please!!!!!!! Here goes….

In the Best Original Design category, the winner is Cabled Afghan created on the 38″ Knitting Board. Beautiful work and great color selection by Jacque Darragh
In the Cutest Baby item category, the winner is the Baby Cocoon by Faith Schmidt. This is a great stitch with lots of texture. The pattern shows the process in detail…so cute and cuddly.

In the Mens Accessory category, the winner is Men’s Warmer again by Faith Schmidt. Faith has sure been busy.

In the multicolor design category, the winner is  Nikki’s Plaid Scarf by Denise Rumph. Denise created a great plaid design that turned out really well with Lion Brand’s new Hometown yarn

There were not enough entries for the Sweater Design and the Pet Accessory category to have winners.  Maybe in our next contest – We can all plan ahead and start creating our favorite designs early.
We would like to thank everyone for all their effort and the amazing pattern entries.
All winn
ers will receive a discount code for the 40% savings on your next website purchase and their cash award by check in the mail within 7 days.  Be sure we have your correct address.


  • Is there somewhere that we can all see the entries for the contest? Or are they posted somewhere but I am just not seeing it?

  • Congratulations to the winners! And thanks Pat & Kim for having such a contest. :-)

  • Does anyone know if there is a beginner Knittingboard class/group in NH or MA?

  • There are some typos in a couple of these links and so they do not work.

  • I will go fix those right away. Thank you,

  • I am clicking on the cabled afghan link in the above article and the link is broken…. I am sad…. Where can I find the instructions for this blanket??

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