Jun 14, 2014

Market Bag

Farmers Market BagA super expandable bag to carry all the goodness from the Farmers Market back home. The perfect part of this bag is that the bottom of the bag is worked completely in stockinette stitch to prevent the small items from falling through the bottom of the bag; the open eyelets of the bag’s body allows the fruits and veggies plenty of air.

Pattern Information

Knitting loom: All-n-One Knitting loom, 104 pegs used.

Yarn:  Approx 300 yds of worsted weight yarn cotton. Sample used Sugar ‘N Cream Stripes in Mod Stripes.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Size: One size.

AbbreviationsMarket Bag 4

K=knit stitch

P=purl stitch



BO=Bind off



Sl=slip. Skip peg with yarn behind the peg

K2tog=knit two stitches together. Move stitch from the peg on the left to the peg on the right. Work/knit both loops as one loop.

YO=Yarn over. Ewrap peg on the row that calls to YO, on the next row when you need to knit the stitch, undo the ewrap and lay the yarn flat in front of the peg.


Cast on 104 sts, join to work in the round.

Rnd 1, 3, 5: k to the end of rnd.

Rnd 2, 4, 6: p to the end of rnd.

Next round: k to the end of round.

Next round: *yo, k2tog; rep from * to the end of round.

Rep last two rounds until bag measures approx 16 inches from cast on edge (2 skeins of yarn would have been used at this point).

Next round: p to the end of round.

Next 15 rounds: k to the end of round.

Next round: *k2tog; rep from * to the end of round. (52 sts rem). Tip: Transfer the stitches to a piece of scrap yarn, reset the knitting loom to the new peg number (52) then put the stitches back on.

Next round: k to the end of round.

Next round: *k2tog; rep from * to the end of round (26 sts rem).

Next round: k to the end of round.

Bind off with gather removal method—be careful, cotton yarn breaks, tug gently as you cinch the bottom of the bag. Weave ends in.


Leave a 10 inch yarn tail at beginning of slip knot, cast on 6sts, prepare to work a flat panel

Row 1: sl1, k to the end of row.

Row 2: sl1, p to the end of row.

Rep Rows 1 and 2 until handle measures 20 inches.

Bind off with basic bind off method. Leave a 10 inch yarn tail.

Using yarn tails from the handle, mattress stitch the handle to the bag. Weave ends in.



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  • I am using the Tadpole and do not understand how to get started. I have the Kb A fine gauge knitting board and want to make a Bear. Can anyone help me get started?

  • Love this , but how big is it. ? can it be made larger? :)

  • It is about 22 inches long and width, it expands quite a bit.

  • Any tips on the k2tog? The stiches seem really tight especially when moving the left stich to the right peg.

  • When I do my k2tog, I am usually working from right to left (clockwise on the knitting loom), therefore, I move my right stitch to the left, then I knit the peg. My only suggestion is to work the previous row loosely.

  • When you have the line
    Next round: *yo, k2tog; rep from * to the end of round.
    Does this mean that the 1st peg should be yo’ed and the next peg should be k2tog, or does that mean to do these two things to each peg? I really want to make this bag for my sisters wedding present and need to know the answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Yes. Move stitch from the first peg to the second peg, ewrap first peg, then knit peg 2; repeat the process all around.

  • Thank you, Isela, I actually watched a YouTube video last night and figured it out, I was anxious to get started last night, but now I might pull all the rows out and start over, because I do not have the AIO loom so I have been improvising with the MS loom and the configuration seems too tight on the ends to really make work, so going to try to make the loom an oval and see if that works better. Next question though, have you worked with the MS loom, would you suggest I use the bigger pegs and space them out more? Any suggestions on this?

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