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Nov 1, 2014

Men’s Beanie

mens beanie


A simple beanie designed for him in mind. Worked in simple, no fuss stitch pattern, with a super soft and airy wool yarn.

Knitting loom: Adjustable Hat Loom

Yarn: 140 yards of worsted weight merino wool. Malabrigo worsted in Paris Night was used in sample.

Notions: knitting tool and tapestry needle.

Gauge: 8 sts x 17 rows= 2 inches in stitch pattern.

Size: 9 inches x 9.5 inches when laid flat.  Model’s head size is 23-1/4 inches.

AbbreviationsTop of hat small

K: knit stitch (not ewrap)

P: purl stitch

Rep: repeat

Sts: stitches

Rnd(s): round(s)


Set knitting loom to small gauge at 80 pegs.

Cast on 80 sts, prepare to work in the round.

Rnd 1-10: *k1, p1; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rnd 11: k to the end of rnd.

Rnd 12: *k3, p1; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rep Rnds 11 and 12: 32 more times

Next rnd: Move stitch from all odd numbered pegs to the even number peg; example from peg 1 to peg 2, from peg 3 to peg 4; etc. K to the end of rnd, (treat both loops on the even number pegs as one loop). At the end of this round, knitting loom should have one empty peg and a peg with one loop, all the way around.

Remove with gather removal method.Mens Beanie Side

Weave ends in. Block lightly.


  • May I use another loom for this pattern , as I do not have the hat loom?

  • Hi Renita!
    Love this hat :) Would love to make one for my son and my boyfriend! I know that your instructions are for the Adjustable Hat Loom, but is it possible to make this on the All-In-One Loom? I’m relatively new at all of this so I’m just not sure.


  • Hi Karen,
    This is Isela, I designed the hat pattern. Yes, you can do it on the All-n-One loom. You can follow the instructions exactly. Set your knitting loom to 80 pegs and start working with the same pattern.

  • You can use the All-n-One loom.

  • Thank you Isela!

  • Hello I am making this. When you say to do rounds 11 nd 12 ,32 more times do you mean like as a pair or just 32 more rows. I numbered a sheet 1-32 and alternated rows. And my hat isn’t very big.

  • As a pair

  • Hi I am not familiar with the term pair can you please explain I am not sure how to read patterns either when it say k1 does it mean knit 1 and when it says purl 6 do I purl 6 times on that peg I am confused please help

  • I have just purchased the KB Adjustable Hat Loom. How do you get 80 stitches on this loom….The most I can get is 50 stitches….do I have to buy additional pieces?


  • The loom’s booklet has 80 pegs is for a 20″ head, but this pattern is saying 84 pegs and fits a 23″ head?

  • Kim, the pattern shown used 80 pegs. Knitted fabric stretches, thus the reason why this hat was able to fit the 23″ head of the model. Also, the type of yarn and stitch will affect how much the knitting stretches. If you use cables, the knitted fabric won’t stretch. If you use cotton, the knitted fabric won’t stretch at all. However, this pattern was worked in knit stitches and purl stitches, and with a wool yarn, all of these characteristics combined provided with a hat that can stretch.

  • Helen, you have to put the pegs in the open holes. Your loom should have come with additional pegs and you just set it up and put the pegs in the open holes.

  • Hi Isela, I have an all-n-one loom & want to make this for my grandson who is 7. I think it was you who made a scale or a way to adjust the patterns to fit the individual. If I am correct & it was you can you tell me where I saw that so maybe I can figure out how to adjust. He likes this type cap. I have made my daughter 2 of your slouchy hats & she just loves them. Sorry I am so long winded, I can’t say what I need to without using a lot of words. I have to tell you I have learned so much from you and am very appreciative of the time you spend teaching us all. I love your patterns and videos. You are very talented. Thanks for your time.

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Oct 17, 2014

Hashtag Hat

Have some fun and hashtag you!  Great project for beginners using 2 stitch variations. It is sized for youth with an option for an adult.

hashtaghatLoom:  All-n-One Loom, set up for double knit

Yarn:  Patons Shetland Chunky, 25% Wool and 75% Acrylic, 148 yds per skein

Colors used:  #78209 Soft Teal (1 skein) and #78042 Charcoal (1/2 skein)

Stitches:  Stockinette and Rib

Notions Needed:  Knit Hook, crochet hook, measure tape, scissors, darning needle

Finished Size:  Youth=20” and Adult=23-24” head circumference, aprox 9” high from brim to pompom

Gauge:  5 stitches and 10 rows= (2) inches in stockinette

Special Note:  Using the full width of this loom makes a youth/small size hat.  To knit a larger hat as in our sample, we have added a small back panel to increase the width.  Using a larger loom ie the 28” loom will result in larger gauge and larger stitches which will change the shape slightly of the ‘hashtag’.


Hat Front with ‘hashtag’:

Cast On all pegs or 48 stitches in Rib Stitch using Teal Yarn.  Lay anchor yarn of contrast color yarn.

Work (2) rows in Rib stitch.

Tie on color 2 Charcoal at 2nd peg.  Do not cut the Teal yarn.

Work (1) row in Rib stitch with Charcoal yarn.  Cut and knot.

Work (1) additional row in Rib with Teal yarn.

Change to stockinette and work (2) rows.

Hints:  Mark the center of the loom with a stitch marker or pin.  Next row will be row 1 of the bottom of ‘hashtag’.  Whenever you are working the Charcoal for just the 2 stitches of each upright, weave the 2 consecutive pegs front to back and move over to 2nd upright and weave the 2 consecutive pegs front to back.  Then, weave the Teal yarn in Stockinette weave skipping the upright pegs.  When, you are working the long rows of charcoal, weave the stitches in stockinette, and then weave the Teal yarn in Stockinette weave skipping the charcoal stitches.  Notice in your graph that the uprights will shift over by (1) stitch to give the design an angled look.

Go to center of loom, count back (4) stitches and tie on the Charcoal yarn.  Work the (4) upright stitches.  Note that there will be 3 pegs skipped in center of them.  Lay the charcoal yarn down where you end.  It doesn’t matter which direction you do the front to back for the 2 uprights.  Weave the row with the Teal yarn and hook over.  The ‘hashtag’ design consists of a total of (15) rows.  Once complete, you can cut and knot the Charcoal yarn.  Hat will be completed in Teal Yarn.

Work (7) additional rows in Stockinette.

Change to Rib stitch.  Work total of (14) Rib rows to top of hat.

Work Decrease row on row #6 and row #10.

Decrease Row explained:  decreasing some stitches at top part of the hat will add some shape to the head and keep the top of the hat from being too ‘bunchy’ or bulky.  So, we will do a decrease to 2 stitches on each side of the design.  That will take out a total of 4 stitches on each decrease row and make the top of hat fit much better.  Before doing the weaving and hook- over, go to stitch #8 from left side.  Lift the stitch and place it on peg #9.  Go to stitch #12 from left side.  Lift the stitch and place it on peg #13.  Now you have 2 empty pegs.  Go to right side of loom and count over to peg #8 and place this stitch on adjacent peg to left.  Count over to peg #12 and place this stitch on adjacent peg to left.  Do this to both sides of the board directly across from each other.  You now have (4) empty pegs on each board.  Carefully, lift the stitches and move towards the center of loom.  You want the empties to be at ends of loom.   Now, weave and hook over the row carefully lifting all loops on each peg so that only the one loop remains on the pegs.  Continue working in Rib stitch.

Repeat this decrease process on row #10.  Complete the hat with Rib stitch.

Removing the hat from loom:  Since we are at the top of the hat, we want to create another anchor yarn to gather the top of hat.  Do not bind off.  Instead, cut and knot the working yarn.  Cut another piece of the working yarn about 24” long and thread onto the darning needle.  Pick up the stitches working from one board to the other and allow the stitches to come off the loom onto the yarn.

Small – youth size finishing:  Sew the back seam using invisible stitch with matching yarn, Teal.  Bind off the brim edge stitches.  Gather the top of hat by pulling the yarn securely and tying a secure knot.  Hat is ready for a fun pompom.

Large adult.  In order to add more width to back of hat, we knit a matching piece that will be seamed into the side edges of the hat front.

Cast On 10 stitches in Rib stitch. (More if you want a larger than large hat)  Our 10 sts will add 4” to the size of the hat.  Work this small piece just as you did the hat front only no design is needed and no decreases are needed.  Do work the matching stripe on row 3 to match the front of hat.

Once complete and free of the loom, seam to the hat front using invisible stitch on both sides connecting the 2 pieces into one round hat.  If you use the invisible stitch for the seaming, the seams will not show.  Just be sure to match the Charcoal stripe exactly.  Now, gather each section with the anchor yarns at top of hat.  Tie the yarn securely.

Now you can bind off in one continuous yarn at brim.  Either size, you are ready for the pompom.  We have used both yarns for the pompom in the sample, but you can choose to make it all one color, if desired.  Wrap the yarns around a box or anything that will give you approximately 5” long strands.  Wrap 20-30 wraps; tie in center very securely.   Cut the loops and shake the pompom loose.  Use the yarn tie of the pompom to secure to top of hat.  To finish the hat, use the crochet hook to tuck in any yarn tails that remain from the seaming and knotting.  Shape the pompom as short or as shaggy as desired.  In our sample, we trimmed it up a bit, but left it fairly long.

For a complete look, make a matching Hashtag Scarf. Very cute!


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